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Hello, my name is Abby. I'm a twenty four year old Zimbabwean girl who grew up in Manchester and now resides in London. I have developed a real love for photography whether it be digital or analog, I dream of travelling the world and eating cheese whilst I do so.
Day to day, I work in digital marketing as an SEO and I love it!

You may have noticed the name of my blog and realised I'm not caucasian - oh the irony. Growing up in a village on the outskirts of Manchester in the early noughties I was, a lot of the time, the only black girl. Over the years people would say things such as "omg - you don't sound or act black" or "wow, you're so well spoken" and it still irks me til this day because I'm so pro-black it hurts. Anyway, I'm hoping to turn those negative connotations into something I can laugh about. And of course, my blog title was inspired by the original caucasian, Joanne the scammer.

Wondering what to expect? Expect posts about brunch, city breaks, fashion/style/pazzaz, caucasian things to do in London and much more.

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